Why Choose Us?

It all starts with our treatment philosophy.

We understand every problem has a root or beginning cause. A great metaphor is that of a river. The source of the river is the cause of your illness or problem, and the symptoms are often much further downstream. We focus our treatment in the most effective way by deeply understanding the cause of your individual problem(s). This keeps our treatments highly curative rather than just managing symptoms.

We cater to patients that haven't had results elsewhere.

Every person has the capacity to heal. We have seen so many amazing recoveries when a patient comes to us diagnosed with an "incurable" condition... we are constantly challenging our view of what is possible. Your bodies ability to heal is remarkable.

More than just excellent treatments

We have found that the clinical interaction goes well beyond just treatment. One of the most powerful avenues toward health is allowing us to support you in becoming an active participant in your own healing process. When we create powerful leverage in the direction of healing, you get better faster and your full potential to heal is realized.

We educate our patients

We believe that all medical treatment should be paired with proper education. We have found that the more you understand your role in your own healing process the better and more consistent the results. After all, true healing is not passively applied externally to the body, it comes naturally from within when your body systems are balanced.

Focus on prevention

We believe all medical treatment, even the most profound and curative... is second to the process of prevention. Fortunately, your body is fully capable of resisting disease and developing dynamic resilience... if you can find balance. Every single treatment is paired with teaching our patients how to achieve this on their own, without outside intervention. We believe this is where medicine of the future begins.

Why we have outstanding results with our treatments.

  • We follow the clinical traditions of some of the worlds best healers.
  • We treat you as a whole person, not just symptoms in isolation.
  • We create an atmosphere that is conducive to healing.
  • We treat the root cause of your pain, along with the symptoms.
  • We inspire hope and encourage you to become involved in your healing.
  • We coordinate with any other therapies to enhance what is working well and reduce what isn't.
  • We provide a unique understanding of your problem and devise a suitable treatment plan to help you reach your goals.
  • We believe prevention is an integral part of treatment.

Empowering patients.

Do you know who the best and most capable doctor in the world is? You are. Your body knows how to heal and we help you to unlock the powerful connection that you have with your own inner healer.

We have found that you will heal much faster and with fewer setbacks when you know what exactly you need to do to facilitate healing. Our greatest joy is helping you discover your own healing power.

We treat the root cause of your problem

One of the reasons we commonly get results with conditions that typically don't respond to conventional therapies, is that we treat the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.

We don't believe in just symptom management, we strive to sort out the underlying causes of your ailment and focus our treatments on restoring your bodies natural balance.

We always seek to restore your bodies own healing capacity while minimizing the effects of the disease or problem you are currently facing.
Our team of experts, led by David McCallum L.Ac. will help guide you back to your optimal health in the shortest time possible. We integrate health education into all of our treatments and encourage you to take an active role in you own healing.

We think of treatment not as a passive process but an active relationship. Our model for this interaction is actually a Traditional Chinese model. They believed that prevention was the highest goal in medicine and we embody this philosophy in all of our endeavors.