About Us

We provide a comprehensive mind-body approach to healing. Inspired by the sage doctors of ancient China, we seek to discover the root cause of your condition and apply the best clinical methods to help you recover and heal.

Our treatments are highly effective and natural. What we do works by supporting your body's normal healing mechanisms without the side effects commonly seen with conventional approaches.

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and some amazing bodywork make up our core treatments. In addition to treatments, we also provide comprehensive nutritional consults, private yoga and pilates instruction, personal training and a full range of movement classes.

Most people find results in the first couple of treatments, and our integrated approach gives support throughout your healing journey.

We work with you, not only to help you heal faster, but to understand why you became sick in the first place. Our treatment philosophy is inherently holistic and we believe prevention is an integral part of treatment.


You are unique, so are your treatments.

One size does not fit all when it comes to medicine. Highly individualized treatments create tremendous leverage when it comes to healing. By changing our approach to suit you and your individual condition you get better faster.

One treatment method may be enough, but if it isn't we will integrate several therapies into a single custom treatment. We flexibly adapt our treatments to you, so that you make clinical progress.


We believe in healing. Naturally. ™

Your body is equipped with an amazing power to heal and restore balance. We strive to leverage your innate ability to heal without dangerous chemicals or costly treatments that have serious side-effects. Here at our clinic we provide more than just acupuncture for our patients, we offer a true mind-body approach to health.

The treatments we specialize in come from some of the best holistic traditions in the world. In many of our treatments (when appropriate) we teach individualized meditation, provide advice on proper dietary habits, introduce stress reduction plans, exercise routines and even coach you in adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

To maximize our treatment effectiveness we have developed a comprehensive mind-body approach in our 5 Elements for health program.

 For your safety we use only the best pre-packaged disposable sterilized acupuncture needles, the most rigorously tested Chinese herbs and use non-allergenic products in our office.



We treat the root cause of your problem

One of the reasons we commonly get results with conditions that typically do not respond to conventional therapies, is that we treat the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.

We do not believe in just symptom management. We strive to sort out the underlying causes of your ailment and focus our treatments on restoring your bodies natural balance.

Our team of experts, led by David McCallum L.Ac. will help guide you back to your optimal health in the shortest time possible. We integrate health education into all of our treatments and encourage you to take an active role in your own healing.

We think of treatment not as a passive process but an active relationship. Our model for this interaction is actually a traditional Chinese model. In classical times, the best doctors knew prevention was the highest goal in medicine and we embody this in all of our endeavors.


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